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Red Dragon I.T. Services

Red Dragon IT Services is a premier provider of flexible Information technology support services to small and medium sized businesses in the South Wales area. Our services are designed to provide you with access to a professional and fast IT service normally only associated with much bigger organisations.

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Reasons to choose Red Dragon:

  • Act as your outsourced I.T. department.
  • Ensure systems are correctly specified, well set up and working.
  • Delivering the finest and most up-to-date IT Services.
  • Implement cloud (remote) working into your business, transforming your office into a hybrid workplace.
  • Provide you with an infrastructure that is both secure and reliable.
  • Provide you with engineers among the best in their field.
  • Always meet and exceed expectations.

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Red Dragon IT has played a pivotal role in supporting the growth in our business
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We serve businesses along the M4 corridor in South Wales. With clients in all of these areas we regularly have engineers on the road that can react quickly to your needs.